So Im working on my Clean Eating. And I can definitely do better.

I admit one of the biggest things Im finding to be difficult is knowing whether the sugar count on the nutrition label is coming from natural sugar (like in fruit) or added, artificial junk. For example, granola. Most granola Ive found has sugar, and I can clearly see things like evaporated cane juice or high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients, yet granola is listed as a healthy option in the book The Eat-Clean Diet. I can only take that to mean that granola exists without added sugar.

Perhaps Ill be sending an email to Miss Tosca Reno. =)

I will say that doing the Insanity workout now is definitely pushing me to be better at making clean food choices. Those workouts kill me and I am literally drenched in sweat when Im done! But it feels so good to have accomplished such a tough workoutand I dont think ANYONE in their right mind would want to ruin that by making bad food choices.

But here we are on the 4th of July. To drink or not to drink? To eat the potato salad or not eat the potato salad?

Ill be frank. (You can be whoever you want) Ill keep it to a minimum, but Im probably going to partake. Not only will I be with family and friends, but my band is also playing at a park prior to the fireworks! Social festivities like this definitely make it harder to make clean choices. In some cases, if youre unable (or unwilling) to plan your own food and snacks, your best choice is to stick to moderation and just be sure to avoid anything that might put you over the edge.

(So, you might want to stay away from the cheesecake if you know one bite wont be enough!)

Here are some tips to help you make it through without wrecking your clean and healthy diet:

  • Practice moderation. Do your best to stick to one portion size of whatever you eat. If youre unsure, use your best, logical guess.
  • Look for fruits or veggies to snack on. Avoid dipsthats where extra, unwanted calories and fat will come from.
  • Keep drinking to a minimum, and stick to things like beer and wine. Mixed drinks will up the sugar content. If you must have a mixer, stick to one and choose a drink with few ingredients like gin and tonic or vodka and light lemonade.
  • DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! Not only because its good for you, but youll likely be spending a lot of time in the sun. Keep yourself properly hydrated. And if youre drinking alcohol, have a glass of water with every drink.

Have a Happy 4th of July! Stay safe and have fun!!

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